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The ‘I CAN Project’ was founded-established by Dwayne Patrick in 2015, for the purpose of empowering children with the belief they can accomplishing anything they set their minds to. Our mission at I CAN PROJECT is to help children build confidence and self-esteem.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

The words I CAN is a powerful affirmation and simply saying it can help a child overcome their limiting beliefs; It helps them feel stronger, more capable, more likely to succeed at anything they do.

We run self development workshops for children age 4-10 and 11-16.

We incorporate learning through arts & crafts, music, dance, archery and role- play, which promotes growth and development through vision, confidence, resilience and mental wellbeing.

We have a range of ‘I CAN products’ and services available to prepare children for all challenges in life, and assists overall by installing the “I CAN” attitude, which is essential for happiness-success.

The aim of our ‘ICAN’ programme is to provide emotional education and empowerment for young thriving students. This will create a foundation for developing character, strength and a positive healthy approach to life, building emotional resilience to support them in current and future challenges such as stress, social interaction, migration, and cultural difference, overcoming procrastination, self-limiting beliefs, transition, overcoming bullying /discrimination). Academic attainment is very important, however without the self-confidence to apply what has been learned individuals become stuck. I CAN PROJECT aim to provide students and parents with much needed information about themselves as part of healthy living and wellbeing not because there is a problem.

All our workshop content is tailored to the group age, environment and attendees.

Session 1: Self-awareness, exploring our self-confidence,
Session 2: Reacting and Responding and working together
Session 3: self love, Anger, assertiveness and communication/body language.
Session 4: Managing stress, emotions & anxiety.
The school years of an individual are emotionally and intellectually more demanding than almost any other stage of life. Most healthy young people have developed fairly sophisticated techniques for sustaining their mental health at times of stress but not always healthy. A study on mental health of international students found, “80% reported the stigma attached to mental illness would act as a barrier in approaching someone for support”, over a third of the referrals to the guided Self-Help service at ‘Health in Mind’ have come from students, concerns have been raised about the mental health of students.

Aiming for executive roles, different life experience and expectations and the strong presence of social media, means young people have a lot to cope with, however limited life experiences in certain environments means limited strategies for coping with events, situation, people, that may have catastrophic impacts on adult lives.

Young people who self-harm lack the relevant coping skills to a significant degree. Girls are generally more adept than boys at using social support systems. Young men are still beset by the masculine ‘ideal’ of being ‘strong’ and coping alone. Both sexes are reluctant to talk to adults about sensitive issues. Generally, young people have little knowledge about emotional wellbeing, professional services and often, faced with barriers when accessing general support.

The project aim is to:

Improve self-confidence and self-esteem in young people.
  Increase emotional resilience
  Help them to identify self-limiting thoughts.
  Help student’s mange daily stresses (exam, peers, bullying).
  Help students develop successfully options to dealing with situations.
  Increase emotional knowledge and awareness
  Provide tools to deal with emotional discomfort
  Reduce stigma around mental health
  Increase awareness of alternative options towards emotional wellbeing.
  Increase levels of attainment amongst young people
  Support young people through transitional life changes
  Increase the access of young people to quality information, education and youth friendly service in the UK.
Outcome for individuals:

Increased self-confidence
Increased self-worth
Will be aware of how to make constructive decision independently
Will have more emotional knowledge
Will have accessed psychological wellbeing.
Will feel more confident in managing themselves and behaviours.
Equipped to deal with transitions.
Aware of alternative healthy ways to deal with emotional discomfort.
Will have tools and knowledge they can apply in other areas of their life to deal with challenging situations.
Workshop Evaluation:

Feedback will be gathered.
Creative- we will use drawings, role-plays, video play-back, photos and other methods of learning outcome, resources are tailored to age of workshop attendees.

All of the sessions are led by fully qualified and experienced Gymnastics Coaches, who work in Nurseries and Primary Schools on a daily basis and at our School of Gymnastics. The sessions are specifically designed to create an environment for the children to thrive and develop at their own pace and above all else; to have fun!

If you need any more information regarding any of our policies and procedures, please feel free to get in touch.


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